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The Wellness Empowerment SurveyTM is one of the unique features of the TRUCHANGETM   approach. The Wellness Empowerment Survey is to health risk assessment as warm and fuzzy is to cold and scary.  
Wellness Empowerment Survey is the entry point to TRUCHANGETM  where members build a profile based on the Allen Behavior Change model. Just a few minutes into the journey, members begin to be placed into Wellness Affinity Groups - social support groups of other people that have similar likes, dislikes, successes, failures, challenges, resources and goals.  
The more time a member spends in the
Wellness Empowerment Survey, the more they will see their Wellness Affinity Group evolve and be a greater source of support.  

Wellness Empowerment Survey can be purchased as a stand-alone wellness assessment tool but will be most effective when implemented along with Wellness Affinity Groups and other TRUCHANGETM  components.

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